Saturday, October 16, 2010

Brainscab Reviews=Hail Of Bullets: On Devine Winds

Metal Blade Records
Showing no mercy or compromise! Hail Of Bullets delivers a mascre of metal that nobody will be left standing after “On Devine Winds” has passed. Making the focus on this effort a little more brutal and a little less Hard-core with “The Eve of Battle”, “Operation Z”, “The Mukdin Incident”, “ Strategy of Attrition”, “Full Scale War”, “Guadelcanal”, “On Choral Shores”, “Unsung Heroes”, “Tokyo Napalm Holocaust”, “Kamikaze”, “To Bear the Unbearable”, bring about a new age of Hail Of Bullets. “On Devine Winds”, weather its your first time to experience the band or you have been following for a while is a must on your current metal want list.

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