Sunday, September 12, 2010

Brainscab Review=Rezet: Have Gun, Will Travel

High Roller Records
Traditional Thrash is what Rezet displays from the gutters of the slums. Slamming the faithful with “Red Alert”, “Toxic Avenger”, “Metal Rite”, “Alter of Satan”, “Streamrolling the Society”, “Have Gun, Will Travel”, “The Finale Breath”, “Fallen Angels”, all show that Rezet is a band to stand up and be noted. With catchy hyper speed riffs, angry ripping solos, blasts, blasts and blasts of beats, and a vocals that will scar the posers cought in the cross hairs of “Have Gun, Will Travel”. Rezet will be a chant heard around the world of metal.

Brainscab Review=Noctum: The Séance

High Roller Records
In the beginning metal was raw and un-relenting in the pursuit of rebelling against the flock of conformist all over the planet. Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath and Iron Butterfly where amongst those that became the misfits in a society that worshiped the Beatles and Elvis. Now we have Noctum recreating a sound that has the current label of Doom. The Séance  kicks out “The Séance”, “Fortune Teller”, “Insomnia”, “Den Onda Trollpackan”, “Mistress”, “Lucifer’s Way”, “Remain”, “Children of Darkness”, all remind us of our metal roots that bands like Cream and Stephen Wolf helped develop and a Band like Noctum carries on.

Brainscab Review=Pasadena Napalm Division: P.N.D EP

Abyss Records
Just when you think “crossover” metal is dead the old veterans bring about a recording that keeps itas fresh and ugly as ever. Pasadena Napalm Division is power packed with Kurt Brecht of D.R.I., Grg Martin, Scott Sevall, and Ronnie Guyote of Dead Horse, Budda D of Verbal Abuse. With this kind of punk, metal and hardcore blasting your ears there is no doubt that Pasadena Napalm Division will make a mark in the world of aggression for years to come. “Spell It Out”, “100 Beers With a Zombie”, “Non Ti Amo”, “Speaking In Tongues”, “Failure”, “Okra(Hidden Track”, are what you get and what we want mor of from this band. Get ready to thrash and mosh in a new era of old-school.