Monday, December 21, 2009

Brainscab Review=Marc Ferreira: Working Overtime

What I really like about getting independent music in the mail is I never know what to expect. Marc Ferreira is a do it all type of musician doing everything on “Working Overtime”, except the drums who he left the load to leo Pagani. With the talents to match Eric Johnson in all aspects of musicianship (Keyboards, Bass, Guitar and Vocals) and songmanship, Marc is going to blaze his own path in the guitar and production master realm. “Let It Die”, “Bad Girl”, “Lazy”, “Paper Cut”, “Ordinary Life”, “Nobody’s Happy”, “Nr, Bad Deal”, “I’m Waiting”, “Sleeping On The Couch”, and “Working Overtime” will inspire those who enjoy a musician with all the tools to do a complete recording from beginning to end. “Working Overtime”, is on par with the fore mention Eric Johnson, as well as more contemporary artist Brian Adams and the super group Bon Jovi. For the guitar work alone this is worth a listen, but what will stick to the listener is the completeness that inspires the soul.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Brainscab Review=Count Raven: Mammons War

I say, “Out with the old! In with the new!” Yes, there will always be the classics of “Parinoid” an “We Sold Our Soul For Rock ‘n’ Roll”. You can now take that mic out of Ozzy’s shaky hand and let Zak have his “Black Label Society”. Count Raven can step in and take over and add their own twist to the early “Sabbath” sound. With “The Poltergeist”, “Scream”, “Nashira”, “The Entity”, “Mammons War”,”A Lifetime”, “To Kill A Child”, “To Love, Wherever You Are”, “Magic Is…”, “Seven Days”, and “Increasing Deserts” are worthy of the mantle that was set by “Black Sabbath” in the beginning. SO if you have not figured it out yet “Count Raven” has a sound like what early “Sabbath” had mainly in the vocals but now take the music has the same down tune that “Tony” is famous for but add in the melodic feel of “Type O Negative” an you get “Mammons War”. Weather its gothic or just plain metal, I don’t care what you call it. These masters of darkness have picked it up an made it their own. So, Ozzy keep your Hollywood and you are no longer the “Prince Of Darkness”. “Count Raven” Owns that title and has a firm grip on it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Brainscab Review=Echoes Of Fear: Forgotten Past

In the Forgotten Past is a memory of Echoes OF Fear that leaves the Victim to Choke on the Isolation that is Inside the Hate imagining that The Black Hand of Reality will gain Another Scar from Death Warmed Over to the Skitoma in the lost soul of a broken mind. Now that I have described to you Echoes of Fear’s, Forgotten Past you must request this darkened recording at your favorite local record stores. With its angelic female vocals leading the melodic onslaught by Melissa Evett an pummeled with the beast meets beauty growls of Brian King who also shares guitar duty with Alvin Gatewood. With this duo guitar attack of riffs plus leads, supported by Orion Mente on drums and Dave Hammestone on bass, you get a complete sonic effort of imagination as well as imagery that is on par to be something special. With all the bands bringing about this Female harmonies and monster growls Echoes Of Fear stands alone and UN parallel in the industry of metal. I suspect that their future is very Bright! Fans of “Battle Lord”, “Forgotten Past” are a must in your collection.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Brainscab Review=The Bad Dogs: Good Time, Bad Girl

This female lead funky blues rock band is full of all kinds of groovy beats and rhythms that is easy to listen to. Good Time, Bad Girl will get you into swaying to the sounds of this diverse instrument band. Besides your traditional guitar, bass and drums it’s full of keyboards, and brass as well. “Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter”, “Je Veux Etre Noir”, “Carry My Pain”, “Good Time, Bad Girl”, “Hold On I’m Coming”, “I Don’t Need No Western”, “Power To My Amp”, “Happy Birthday Mary”, “Have You Ever Loved A Woman?”, “I Can’t Explain”, “Groovin”, “Cold Turkey”, and “I Wanna Be A Black Star/Jeu Veux Etre Noir”. Giving the listener an experience well conducted and thoughtful tunes that will keep you humming all day long and Jammin all night. Feel free to check out “The Bad Dogs”, and add them to your groove list to get ready for a “Good Time, Bad Girl”, ride in your favorite hot rod.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brainscab Review=Manilla Road: Voyager

This review is a long time in coming. For those who know Manilla Road will be familiar with this classic band. You will also be treated with some of the Original sound of the early albums of Through The Gates” and “Courts of Chaos”. You will also be treated with some new progression of the band on Voyager. Always Epic but sometimes Majestic with these nine tunes, “Tomb Of The Serpent King-Butchers Of The Sea”, “Frost and Fire”, “Tree Of Life”, “Blood Eagle”, “Voyager”, “Eye of the Storm”, “Return of the Serpent King”, “Conquest “, and “Totentanz (The Dance of Death)”, you are treated with one of the greatest bands only known through the “Word of Mouth”. If you are ready for a new Epic adventure our want to continue riding the Manilla Road wave this is the newest to add to any collection.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Brainscab Review=Dodsferd: Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow

Moribund Records

When I put Dodsferds “Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow” in my player to review I witnessed one of the best “Black Metal” manifestations I have felt in a long time. Even though there are only 2 songs on “Suicide…” Wrath (Composer) sends you into 37 minutes of his anguished psyche. Delivering a master piece that can only be experienced by those who live in despair and filth. Droning through gore, destruction and hopelessness that even the most pure can save. “Suicide and the Rest Will Follow” and “His Veins Colored the Room” have me hooked and looking for Dodferd’s other 4 releases to add to this collection of the blackest of metal.

Brainscab Review=Malifactor: Demos

I was sent these eight tunes by the band and was told not to review some of the songs. But I feel to be able to get the full effect of what Malifactor is serving I am going to do all the songs Anyway. “Gargoyle Wizard”, “Drowning in Dirt”, “Ruff-Sicks”, “Go Away!”, “Locked In”, “BenWah”, “Intrusion”, an “Guantanamo” all gives off a rawness of brutality that can only be found at the end of a 12 Gauge shotgun that is strapped to the back of your head just as the trigger is being pulled. Splattering raw metal all through that mess that used to be your brains infusing every note, every beat, every rhythm, and every GRRRR into your D ‘n’ A. They will soon have a full length to share with the world and if these eight demos prove the intenseness of Malifactor then when it is released. “Get It!” For those who are into Master, Celtic Frost and the early thrash metal of the eighties this is a must to your already massive collection